Jenny Grace Shaw M.ED., CSC, LMHC, HHP

Click to find out more about Jenny Grace Shaw M.ED., CSC, LMHC, HHP I hold a Masters degree in Education and Counseling, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Minor in Sociology, and am Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I am also a Certified School Counselor and Holistic Health Practitioner. I believe in treating the mind, body, and spirit--for if I place focus on only one or two parts of the beautiful WHOLE self--I would be setting you up for short term, incomplete success; hence, relapsing repeatedly.

I have a passion for people, listening to and understanding their life journeys, advocating for their needs, educating and supporting them through trials and tribulations, and guiding them towards long term emotional, physical, and spiritual health; their authentic self.

I have several years of experience working with couples, individuals, groups, families, school and court systems, and communities. I am passionate for 'different' cultures, ethnicities, ideologies, back grounds, religious and spiritual beliefs. I recently moved from my Soulful home of Maui Hawaii where I served as a Clinical Supervisor over Behavioral Health Specialists based in the schools, directed and counseled an island wide self-contained classroom for at risk youths and children of the Spectrum. I then opened a private practice, New Visions Counseling of Kihei, Maui from 2009-present. I have been dearly blessed to serve a wide variety of cultural, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds.

I specialize in Eating Disorders, Substance, Alcohol and other Addictions, Body Image, Self-Harming behaviors, Depression, Relationships, Nutrition, Spirituality, Fitness/Wellness, abuse, and trauma/PTSD. I am eclectic in practice in that I do not believe 'one size fits all' when it comes to developing the best treatment plan. I turn towards interventions to include but not limited to as Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Dialectical behavioral Therapies (DBT), Psychoanalysis, Psychodrama, Humanistic, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Holistic, Shamanic, Buddhism, Spiritual, narrative, Client Centered, Solution-focused, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma focused, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness.

In my experience, we all struggle with situations while on our personal life journey. Though it may seem we are 'lost' and unsure of what powers we hold, I believe the powers we are looking for are all accessible inside YOU! One simply needs to be validated, and to strengthen the emotional 'muscles' that have grown weak--just as we exercise our bodies and our minds, we must exercise our emotional strengths. I work under the holistic approach--where I truly believe we cannot experience long term health unless we pay close attention to our Mind, Body and Spirit--the Emotional, the Mental, and the Physical Sides of our humanness. For when we honor our truths, we will achieve our Authentic Self! I look forward to helping guide you towards your personal, emotional, and physical goals.


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